Family Group Sheets


Below is an alphabetical list of ancestors with the Last Name beginning with "D"



Name Birth Date Birth Place
Mary Dempsey UNKNOWN Ireland
Eliza Desmond 1825 County Clare, Ireland
Catherine Theresa Donovan UNKNOWN Boston, MA
Daniel Donovan 1819 Milltown, Co.Cork, Ireland
Daniel J. Donovan 9 Jul 1885 Oakland, CA
James J. Donovan UNKNOWN Boston, MA
Josephine F. Donovan UNKNOWN Boston, MA
Julia Agnus Donovan UNKNOWN Boston, MA
Margaret E. Donovan UNKNOWN Washington, D.C.
Mary Elizabeth Donovan 29 Aug 1859 Washington D.C.
Marian Armentrout Dougherty UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Agnes Helen Dunn 29 Nov 1881 Modesto, CA
Carolyn Louise Dunn 30 Jun 1945 UNKNOWN
Cynthia Elizabeth Dunn 1935 Stanislaus Co., CA
George A. Dunn 1 Jan 1884 Modesto, CA
Jamalee Ann Dunn 2 Oct 1942 UNKNOWN
James Edwin Dunn 29 Jul 1877 Modesto, CA
John Dunn 15 Aug 1838 County, Mayo, Ireland
John A. Dunn 7 Aug 1879 Modesto, CA
John McDonnell Dunn 27 Jan 1911 near Modesto, CA
Richard Stephen Dunn 1930 Stanislaus Co., CA
Stephen Edward Dunn 26 Dec 1892 Modesto, CA
James Edwin Dunn, Jr. 27 Oct 1909 Modesto, CA
John McDonnell Dunn, Jr. 1937 Stanislaus Co., CA



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