Family Group Sheets


Below is an alphabetical list of ancestors with the Last Name beginning with "H"



Name Birth Date Birth Place
Amy Lynn Hamaker 20 Nov 1974 Seattle, WA
Charles Krefting Hamaker 3 Sep 1938 Seattle, WA
Charles Michael Hamaker 16 May 1961 Seattle, WA
Christophher Michael Hamaker 5 Jan 1973 Seattle, WA
Jon Gregory Hamaker 12 Mar 1965 Seattle, WA
Paul Alexander Hamaker 3 Jun 1969 Seattle WA
Steven Christopher Hamaker 10 Aug 1966 Seattle, WA
Amy Leigh Hellman 15 Sep 1979 Burlingame, CA
Johanna Hennessy UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Frank Herbeck UNKNOWN Australia
Theresa Herbeck 10 Aug 1862 Horseshoe Bend, CA
Margery Hissong UNKNOWN Champlane IL
Alice Mary Horn Jan 1892 San Francisco, CA
Anna M. Horn 27 Aug 1893 San Francisco, CA
Anna Marie Horn 1865 Stockton, CA
Eleanor Horn 1903 San Francisco, CA
Harriet Horn Dec 1898 San Francisco, CA
Henry Franklin Horn 1830 Howard County, MO
Henry Franklin Horn 14 Jun 1859 Stockton, CA
Mary Horn 27 Jan 1895 San Francisco, CA



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